Effective communication is a vital skill for people in every walk of life, and voice use is central in the impression you create and how effective you are in getting your ideas across. But your voice can be hampered by ingrained habits and tensions, which can cause you to feel less confident about speaking, or even lead to sore throats and voice loss.  I offer bespoke tuition to help you improve your vocal and presentation technique, so that whether you are in a classroom, a boardroom or even a church, you can communicate confidently and clearly. 

Corporate Workshops 

I offer a range of sessions, for groups of five or more, which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your and your company.  These are in two formats: 'Lunch & Learn', 45 - 60 minute sessions to fit into a lunchbreak; or longer full or half-day sessions for more detail and depth.  

Typical workshops include: 

    Lunch & Learn

    - Making yourself heard; steps towards clearer communication

    - Presentation dos and don'ts

    - Steps to building a empowered presence

    Full/Half-Day Sessions

    - Presentation skills

    - Running an effective meeting; listening and communicating

​    - Authority without intimidation

Presentation & Communication Skills

It is often noted that our fear of public speaking is greater than our fear of death, and more stressful than divorce or moving house!  If you have an important meeting, speech, or interview coming up, or would simply like to improve your communication skills, I offer one-to-one sessions to help you, covering topics including:

   - Clarity and audibility, being heard and understood

   - Tackling nerves

   - Planning an effective presentation or speech

   - Developing pitch range and vocal interest

Accent Softening

If you are anxious that your habitual way of speaking means that you are often misunderstood or misinterpreted, especially if you are a non-native English speaker, Accent Softening can help you improve your clarity and understanding of the complexities of spoken English.  

I offer sessions with native and non-native English speakers, working on diction, flow and intonation. The aim of these sessions is not to get rid of an accent, or to make you sound like everyone else, but to help you communicate more confidently and clearly. 

Voice for Professionals and Businesses


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