An actor's voice is at the heart of their performance.  It needs to be expressive and able to reflect the nuances and emotions of the text; flexible and able to adapt to the demands of stage, radio and film; and resilient, able to withstand the rigours of rehearsal and repeated performances.  For actors at any stage in their career, keeping the voice limber and free is really important to make sure that it is able to rise to the challenge. 

Vocal Release & Breath

Breath is the foundation of all voice work.  The tensions and stresses of everyday life - not to mention the physical demands of performance - can impede our breathing and limit our vocal ability.  Drawing on techniques including Alexander and Feldenkrais, I can help you to release these tensions, to support your voice whatever the demands that are placed on it, and reduce the risk of vocal damage.

Clarity & Audibility

While crisp diction is more commonly associated with RP or upper class accents, intelligibility is vital in any context.  Working on facial and tongue tip muscularity, the aim is to create clearer sounds without artificiality.


Whether working with Shakespeare or contemporary playwrights, or poetry or prose, I can help you create a connection with the words and reach a greater understanding of the text, however complex, to enable you to lift it from the page.  

Accents & Dialects

Accents can be a cause of concern for actors, who worry that they won't sound authentic, or that the accent will get in the way of their performance.  By looking at the structure and physicality of the accent, the rhythm, and how it feels to speak it, as well as the nuts and bolts of the specific vowels and consonant sounds, the accent becomes embodied, rather than 'put on'.  

Voice for Actors.


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"All the great performances I have seen have nearly always come down to the actor and his voice.  All the training in the world will not help if the basic training on the voice has not been done."                                                                                                        Dame Judi Dench

"I... had a rather large role switching from American to RP accent. I have never been able to rely on the power of my voice to project like that! Thank you so much, Holly. I was actually surprised at the sounds coming out, it was effortless to get a good tone, and it resonated. People were also impressed with my accents!".

Melissa, Student